Meet the Dancers 


To stage their productions, Ballet Theatre UK works with more than 30 international classical dancers each year.


The dancers work daily with the Company's elite ballet staff during class and rehearsals. The ballet class is a crucial part of the day to ensure the dancers are working to their very best, both technically and artistically. 





Images from ‘Swan Lake', Jan 2019

Creative Process  


Each production is created solely by the Company’s Artistic Director, Christopher Moore. He creates the concepts for each ballet and choreographs each step. He is assisted by Rehearsal Director, Gwénaëlle Poline Santos. She works with the dancers daily to ensure they are not only physically prepared for the rehearsal process but teaches and cleans the choreography.

The company mount up to four productions a year and can spend up to eight weeks rehearsing each new production, sometimes whilst touring the country with another title. The rehearsal process can be demanding, learning lots of new material, however, our dancers take pride in their work and are always prepared.