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Taking the First Steps

The original concept of Ballet Theatre UK was to provide a platform for talented young dancers to perform the highest quality of ballet in provincial theatres throughout the UK. By doing so the Company could provide access to the classical art form to audiences who may not otherwise have been able to witness live ballet. 

Development and ​Growth


The Company has grown and now engages more than 20 international dancers, featured in multiple productions per year. ​The last decade has seen the Company earn its place in the dance industry by performing new work of the highest calibre, both nationally and internationally.

The Future Sounds Good


As the Company has passed its ten year anniversary, the future is clear - to continue to be known as a high-quality bespoke ballet company providing audiences globally with modern productions of the iconic classics. We aim to raise the bar with regards to quality, offering only the very best in British Ballet.

Christopher Moore, Artistic Director Ballet Theatre UK
Message from the Artistic Director 


This past year has been a challenging one for most, the arts industry has been heavily hit and sadly Ballet Theatre UK has been no exception.


In March of 2020, we were forced to stop touring due to the immediate theatre closures only a handful of performances into our tour of Giselle. This was heartbreaking for the company and its dancers who had all worked so hard over several weeks to rehearse and perfect the production ready to present to our loyal audiences throughout the UK.


Subsequently, due to the continuation of the pandemic, the remaining tours planned for the 2020/21 season were all cancelled. This was over 150 performances cancelled to the great disappointment of our audiences, dancers and staff, however, this is not the end for Ballet Theatre UK.


Our hardworking administrative team have been busy liaising with our venues to consolidate our current touring plans and move them to the 2021 Christmas season when hopefully we will be passed the worst of the pandemic and theatres can reopen and allow the arts to flourish once more.


We are excited to announce that we will be touring our critically acclaimed production of The Snow Queen, a favourite of the company and one the dancers are extremely excited to begin work on.

I want to take this time to personally thank those who have supported our fundraising initiative which will be invaluable to the company and its dancers when we return to the studio later this year. The money raised will contribute towards the additional classes needed for our dancers prior to rehearsals to allow them to safely get back into shape ready to entertain audiences throughout the UK.


If you wish to support our fundraising you can do so by visiting our GoFundMe page,


After months of no live theatre, I hope you can join us at a theatre near you and experience the magic of The Snow Queen this Christmas.


Kind regards

Christopher Moore