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Taking the First Steps

The original concept of Ballet Theatre UK was to provide a platform for talented young dancers to perform the highest quality of ballet in provincial theatres throughout the UK. By doing so the Company could provide access to the classical art form to audiences who may not otherwise have been able to witness live ballet. 

Development and ​Growth


The Company has grown and now engages more than 20 international dancers, featured in multiple productions per year. ​The last decade has seen the Company earn its place in the dance industry by performing new work of the highest calibre, both nationally and internationally.

The Future Sounds Good


As the Company has passed its ten year anniversary, the future is clear - to continue to be known as a high-quality bespoke ballet company providing audiences globally with modern productions of the iconic classics. We aim to raise the bar with regards to quality, offering only the very best in British Ballet.

Message from the Artistic Director 

Last year was a milestone for Ballet Theatre UK, the company celebrated its tenth anniversary. The whole year was a celebration of the achievements of the past decade. Building on these achievements we continued to develop and expand our repertoire by creating two new ballet productions and restaged two of the classical ballets. The year was filled with many happy memories with performances of exceptional quality and dedication delivered by both the dancing cast and the backstage/office staff. We received wonderful feedback from our supportive audiences, all of which makes the hard work and long hours from the entire dancing cast and staff worthwhile.


Looking ahead we will commence the new season with our fifteenth new ballet, The Wizard of Oz. The ballet will embody all the charm and magic of the original iconic story and is set to a classical music score adapted and arranged specifically for this production. The Wizard of Oz has never been performed as a professional ballet in the UK before and with our new adaptation we hope to inspire a new generation of dancers and audiences.


In 2020 Ballet Theatre UK will be presenting Giselle, one of the greatest classical ballets of all time. Considered to be the best of the “White Ballets” Giselle is a perfect contrast to the whimsy of Oz. From the first production the company undertook of Giselle in 2016 I have wanted to revisit and restage it with a larger cast, this new production fulfils that dream.


To conclude this seasons presentations I will be creating another new ballet for the company. The theme of this production moves away from the children’s classics which we are well known for and indulges in the emotional highs and lows of Jane Austin’s novel, “Sense and Sensibility”. I consider the narrative of her story fits perfectly with dance genre of ballet. Emotional par de duex, dancing with grace and elegance in crafted costumes of period design combined with music of the era will i hope become a classic in Ballet Theatre UK’s repertoire.


With so much to look forward to this season, I hope you are able to join us at a theatre nearby and experience the wonderful shows we have worked hard to present live on stage for your enjoyment.




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