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Join Ballet Theatre UK as we follow the yellow brick road and discover all the wonders of Oz.Enjoy Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion, (and yes Toto too) as they seek the WonderfulWizard to find that there's no place like home!


The Wizard of Oz is a two act, full-length, ballet adaptation of the iconic tale by L. Frank Baum, toldthroughthe magic of classical dance. Set to a classical score which brings the story to life, thisproduction is family friendly and is the perfect way to introduce children to the classical ballet.


The production is presented with beautiful backdrops, stunningtheatrical sets and costumes evokingthe iconic sketches by W.W. Denslow, from the original publication.


First performed in 2019, The Wizard of Oz was a story that felt like a natural fit for the production team at Ballet Theatre UK. The combination of narrative story telling and stage theatrics came together in an audience favourite, and one we have wanted to bring back ever since!


Created by Artistic Director Christopher Moore, with additional choreography by Director Gwénaëlle Poline Santos, this charming ballet is fun for all the family. 

“Glittering costumes, expressive dancers...

a pleasure to witness a production of this calibre” 

- Dance Europe 

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