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BTUK 2 is the Junior Ballet Company of Ballet Theatre UK featuring dancers training in their final year of study at the company's affiliated Ballet School.

The aim of BTUK 2 is to create new and innovative work, providing performance opportunities to exceptional dancers at the start of their classical careers. 

Featuring new adaptations of classical repertoire as well as featuring new choreography in ballet, neoclassical and contemporary dance genres. 

BTUK 2 Dancers  


Northumberland, England


Dublin, Ireland 


Kent, England 


Dorset, England 


Barnham, England 


Beverley, England 


Quimper, France 


West Midlands, England 


St Ives, England 


Essex, England 


Oakham, England 


Walsall, England  


London, England 

..El Maghili-Fisker 

Horsens, Denmark 


Leeds, England 


Sandy, England 


We are excited to announce our upcoming project titled EMANATE.

This digital programme will feature six pieces of dance, all created during the lockdown. Featuring new work by Artistic Director, Christopher Moore, as well as dancers of the Ballet Theatre UK company and school faculty members. 

The programme will be screened online, Friday 16th April, 2021 7.30pm GMT. 

Tickets for the streaming event are available by donation. Proceeds will contribute towards the project and future events for BTUK 2 and its dancers. 

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'Kingdome of Shades
Highlights from Act III La Bayadare'

Music by Ludwig Minkus
Choreography by Marius Petipa, restaged by Grace Blundell, Jake Davies and Christopher Moore

Performed by all BTUK 2 dancers, featuring

Lois Bullough as Nikiya and Michael Maple as Solor

'Internal Internment'

Music, 'Home' by Martynas Lau

Choreography by Charlotte Davis

Performed by Chrissie Allen, Florence Blackwood, Lois Bullough, Freya Hough, Annelise Manojlovic, Posie Nelms, Melissa Riggs, and Sophie Piper


Music by Anik

Choreography by Christopher Moore

Performed by Olivia Wright and Michael Maple 

'Tabula Rasa'

Music, 'Forever Sunrise' by Johnny Eastern
Choreography by Courtney Evans 

Performed by Sophie Barton, Ciara Donovan-Hill, Rosie Hall and Iman El Maghili-Fisker


Music, 'Forgotten' by Martynas Lau
Choreography by Ewan Hambelton

Performed by Michael Maple, Paul Meneu and Nathan Anson 

'The Dying Swan'

Music by Camille Saint-Saëns

Choreography by Mikhail Fokine

Performed by female dancers of BTUK 2 joined by guest artists from Ballet Theatre UK Company, past and present, including Emily Boswall, Ester Cameron, Claire Corruble, Inês Ferreira, Rose Hardiman, Miriam Konnerth, Katie Norman, Anna Yliaho and Stella Casson Du Mont.


You can now book your tickets to watched our digital streaming of EMANATE via Eventbrite.

Donations made will support Ballet Theatre UK, BTUK 2 and its dancers/creatives for their future projects and productions. 

We thank you for your support.